Monday, February 2, 2009

BYOB Roundup ~ February 1

Hello, everyone! The 1st of the month seems like a terrific time for a BYOB update, so I'm going to be bringing you a post each month on the 1st ~ and hopefully the 15th, too ~ letting you know what the BYOB gang has been preheating their ovens for.

{Actually, I'd planned to post this yesterday, on the 1st, but after church there was a detour for the buying of a few grocery necessities, the making of lunch, the driving of kids to meet friends for sledding, the baking of cookies, household maintenance tasks in the form of laundry and the like, the picking up of kids, the prepping of food for the Super Bowl Snack Fest, eating said snack fest, and then it was time for the making of the next-day's school lunches and dish washing and battening down the hatches for bedtime. So, here we are, on Groundhog Day instead.}

Personally, I've been having a great time with this project. So far, I've yet to purchase a commercially baked good (I'm not counting the time we went out to breakfast and ordered muffins). I've made countless loaves of bread; hamburger and hot dog rolls; and too many cookies, muffins, and biscotti to number. This month should see some fun new things ~ I'm hoping to get my English muffin rings! ~ and look for Valentine-ish delights in a week or so. In the meantime, take a look at what some other members of the BYOB blogroll are baking up:

Editor's Note: In case you're wondering whether apple fritters ~ or doughnuts or hand pies or pizzas or strombolis and so forth ~ "count" for BYOB even though technically they're fried and not baked, my answer is definitely YES. If every sweet tooth in your mouth was suddenly craving an apple fritter and you were not BYOB'ing, where would you go to get it? A bakery, doughnut shop, or bakery department of a grocery store. Ergo, these count!


Lo said...

Oh, yum. I keep meaning to get back to bread baking, and I think this blog could be just the tempation that I need!

Great round-up!

mia said...

Ok, I'm a BYOB wanna be... and I've done pretty good so far - but the Abin5 master dough bread... well, I'm wondering what you all think about adding a preservative to help keep it fresh a wee bit longer? No matter how nice my crust or how sweet the sound of singing is when it cools... there's just somethin' missing. Not sure what. But I'll keep workin' on it till I figure it out :)

Sandy Smith said...

~Lo: Oh, I hope so! :)

~Mia: Sometimes I make a few loaves at once and freeze the extras to keep them fresh. I find that wrapping the cut loaves in waxed paper and then in cloth really helps to retard staling.

Have you tried waiting at least a week before baking off the dough? The flavor really develops when the dough has a chance to sit for a few days. Also, you might want to taste a small piece of raw dough to make sure you're getting the salt balance right. Sometimes I need to add a bit extra, or a bit less, depending on the flour, water, add-ins etc. One thing I learned from my hearth breads boot camp at the CIA was to always taste a bit of the dough raw! :)

That singing sure is sweet, isn't it? :)

The Duo Dishes said...

So many delish baked goods!

Maggie said...

re: Preserving the baked loaves of No-Knead (ABin5) bread -- if you add a heaping tablespoon of honey per loaf (about 1T honey per 3C flour), your baked loaves will stay fresher longer. I'm a one-person household and I bake all my own breads, so shelf life is important to me.

I learned that trick from Alton Brown.

Just found this blog and am lovin' it, Sandy. I'll be following (and imitating!) you closely.


Sandy Smith said...

~Maggie: Thanks for the tip! I have a soft spot for Alton Brown. :)

There are commercial dough enhancers available (containing a blend of things like lecithin, tofu, whey, etc.), and eventually I'll probably post a recipe for making your own concoction, but I'm still doing research. In the meantime, the honey fix sounds like a smart idea since honey is antimicrobial.

Thanks for reading, and if you decide to throw your hat in the BYOB ring, drop me an e-mail; I'll add you to the blogroll! ;)


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