Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BYOB Roundup 5 ~ April 1, 2009

Welcome to Apu of Annarasa, who joins us this month with a chewy, wholesome Whole Wheat Focaccia! Looks terrific, and a great use of whole wheat here.

Beth of Kitchen Courage made Rye Bread from the ABin5 formula, and it's a beauty! I bet this loaf made some sandwiches really happy.

Shirley of Plum Bush Cottage is hitting her bread-baking stride! She made a delicious-looking ABin5 Light Whole Wheat loaf.

Courtney of Coco Cooks has quite a treat for us ~ Rye Focaccia! Go, check it out, and see her mouthwatering salmon burgers, too!

Laura of Real Good Food challenged herself to make her own bagels ~ and man, do they look tempting! (I'm talking to you, Mr. Cheese Bagel!)

Kathy of Panini Happy and Cooking on the Side made White Whole Wheat Walnut Bread. I recently made this recipe too, and run, don't walk, to check out Kathy's posting ~ this recipe is terrific, especially for novice bread bakers!

Sarah of Que Sarah Sarah gets us in a grilling mood with home-baked Hamburger Buns! I bet these double beautifully as sandwich rolls, too. Mmm.

Kira of Blogs From a Homesick Aussie Made a couple of gorgeous ABin5 Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaves with some pretty fancy scoring work on top. Go check them out!

Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pate baked a fantastic Pane Francese, a sourdough Italian-style French bread. What a beautiful open crumb and crackly crust you have there, Jude!

Kate of Warm Olives and Cool Cocktails has a whole mini roundup of her own to feature ~ do check out her yum-licious French Baguettes!

Kim of Stirring the Pot made a couple of swoon-worthy pizzas ~ Buffalo Chicken and Spinach and Artichoke!

Di of Di's Kitchen Notebook baked a beautiful Semolina Bread from the ABin5 formula ~ one to try; it looks bakery-good!

And as for me? Check out my March Baking Log in the sidebar. If you want to join us in the BYOB adventure, please do! Drop me an e-mail at Sandycastle1 [AT] gmail [DOT] com for info. We'd love to have you.

Happy baking!


Elyse said...

What a fabulous round-up, as usual!

Liz C said...

I hope to join you for the next roundup. I took the first step and made a nice whole wheat sandwich loaf last week, but didn't get a photo. I did write about it on my food blog, tho.

Small steps!

glamah16 said...

You have gotten me and the others addicted to Bread baking.

Jude said...

Thanks for the roundup and including my post! Any and all excuses to bake something is ok in my book :)

Sue G. said...

Love this!

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