Thursday, April 2, 2009

March 2009 Baking Log

Here it is, my baking log for the past month. If you don't already keep a baking log, I encourage you to do so. For one thing, it helps enormously when you're trying to keep an account of all the ingredients that pass through your cupboards. (Eliminating those What did I do with 50 pounds of flour this month?! moments.)

For another, you can refer back to your logs for seasonal favorites. Next March, I'll know what I was baking this time of year, and whether or not I'd like to bake it again. You can use your log to see where you need to challenge yourself, maybe. Look it over at the end of the month ~ baking only one kind of bread or the same old cookie over and over? Make it a point next month to try a new recipe. We learning by pushing ourselves, and experimenting, and, yes, even failing.

Try it! And if you want to share a link to your log next month, go right ahead and e-mail it to me. I'll do a special May roundup of April baking-log links. Let's see what you've been baking!

  • Double tart crust (Michel Roux) for beef pot pie (3/31)
  • 1 batch lemon sugar cookies (3/29)
  • 2 light-wheat batards (3/29)
  • 1 large deep-dish pizza (3/27)
  • 1 batch light-wheat hoagie rolls (3/26)
  • 1 batch ginger sugar cookies (3/25)
  • 1 batch cherry-almond biscotti (3/23)
  • 1 batch buttermilk-cheddar biscuits (3/23)
  • 2 loaves brioche (3/22)
  • 1 batch Buttermilk Biscuits {B@H/CIA} (3/22)
  • 2 light-wheat batards (3/22)
  • 2 loaves Banana Bread {B@H/CIA} (3/21)
  • 1 ABin5 light-wheat boule (3/21)
  • 1 batch oatmeal-raisin-toasted walnut cookies (3/20)
  • 1 batch oatcakes, courtesy of Just Cook It (3/20)
  • 2 Honey Wheat loaves {B@H/CIA} (3/19)
  • 1 loaf ABin5 light-wheat sandwich bread (3/18)
  • 1 deep-dish Chicago-style pizza (3/16)
  • 1 batch Chewy Cherry-Almond Granola Bars (3/16)
  • 1 ABin5 light-wheat boule (3/16)
  • 2 Irish soda breads (3/15)
  • 1 batch apple crisp with walnuts (3/13)
  • 1 loaf Whole Wheat Walnut bread (3/12)
  • 1 pan corn bread (3/11)
  • 1 batch (10) hamburger rolls (3/10)
  • 1 ABin5 light-wheat boule (3/8)
  • 4 personal-size pizzas (3/7)
  • Nutella Pinwheel Cookies from the Purple Foodie (3/6)
  • Graham cracker muffins ~ 1 batch, jumbo (3/6)
  • Sharp cheddar cream drop biscuits (3/6)
  • 1 loaf white sandwich bread (3/5)
  • Coffeecake Muffins ~ 1 batch, jumbo (3/5)
  • 2 loaves white sandwich bread (3/1)
  • Pineapple Stir Cake


Betherann said...

WOW! You've been a busy baker, eh?

Natashya said...

Holy moley! That's a lot, I wonder how much it would be if I wrote it all down?
My query is more - "what did I do with 6 pounds of butter this month?"

Sue G. said...

Were you amazed when you first started to tally this up each month? I probably bake more than I think I do, too. This is a great idea.

Di said...

Very cool! Thanks for the info; I've got my log up on the sidebar of my blog. I've been keeping a log on paper for the better part of four years--my "kitchen notebook" is exactly that, a paper notebook that I use to log my baking. But only some of that makes it to my blog, and I wanted to showcase more of it.

Kim said...

This is impressive! I think you need help eating all of that. I'll be over next month : )

Mermaid Sweets said...

Wowzer - that is amazing. Where does it all go?

desiree said...

So what's that in the third party? It looks yummy!

Sandy Smith said...

~Betherann: You know what they say: "A hot oven gathers no dust." :)

~Natashya: Try it! I don't even keep track of butter. I'm afraid.

~Sue: Yes! The first time, I had a couple of bake sales to bake for in the month, so I thought, it makes sense to go through that much flour. The next time, no bake sales and more flour. It's interesting to see how much you bake when you write it all down. I recommend it. It's kind of fun, too.

~Di: Looking forward to seeing your log!!

~Kim: Come on over! There's always coffee in the pot. :)

~Mermaid Sweets: Well, I have two teens, so that takes care of a certain percent of it. :) I send snacks off with them to friends and youth group, etc. Unless it's for our regular meals, I try to give away as much as possible ~ for the obvious reason that we'd be decidedly unhealthy with that kind of baked-good consumption!

~Desiree: Glad you asked! Those are Salt and Pepper Oatcakes, which are the most incredibly delicious savory crackers, a recipe I found on Alex Rushmer's site. I highly recommend checking it out:

Elyse said...

Wow! This baking log is such a great idea. I'm so impressed that you made all of these fabulous treats!! I know my log wouldn't be nearly as impressive. However, maybe it will inspire me to bake more (if I can find the time)!

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