Saturday, May 30, 2009

BYOB Roundup 9 ~ June 1, 2009

Kim of Stirring the Pot made a beautiful loaf of Tyler Florence's Wonderful White Bread. Kim says it was "really good and easy" and a hit with her family. Looks like a PB&J just waiting to happen!

Ning of Heart and Hearth put together an absolutely delectable Whole Wheat Pizza with Shrimp, Olives, and Tomato Pesto. And if you think that sounds delicious, go have a look at the pictures!

Trisha of The Zest (welcome to BYOB, Trisha!) debuts with a picture-perfect Whole Wheat Brioche ~ and yes, folks, it has a tete! Ooh-la-la!

Di of Di's Kitchen Notebook has been busy in her kitchen! She made strudels for the Daring Bakers challenge ~ one savory and one sweet (and they both sound wonderful). And she made a simply gorgeous loaf of Greek Celebration Bread for the BBA group. I bet her kitchen smelled heavenly all month!

Amy of Maison Belle brings us a sweet and a savory as well! Check out her pretty pastel cupcakes and cookies ~ and I'm certain her pics will make you want to pull up a chair and join her tea party. She also brings us a Rustic Italian Herb Bread! Looks great, Amy!

My oven has been busy-busy this month. I, too, am a Daring Baker and have taken on the BBA challenge. But I didn't make this month's DB challenge (yet) and I have yet to post my Anadama pictures. So much bread, so little time for posting about it! But I did enjoy it, both the baking aspect and the eating aspect, and I'm working on a new set of recipes for spring. And yes, a set of posts to go with them! Still going to get those English muffins up here ~ really! In the meantime, bake on and let us know what's coming out of your oven!

Happy June!


Di said...

Ooh, lots of good stuff that I'm going to have to check out when I have some time. The strudel turned out to be easier than I expected, fortunately.

Sarah said...

Man, I keep missing the deadline! I made some wonderful ciabatta this month...

Ah well. Next time.

nora@ffr said...

my first visit here and m lovin ye blog very much..interesting!!

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