Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BYOB Roundup 11 ~ July 1 (7), 2009

Chrystal and Amir of the Duo Dishes baked a Cinnamon Cranberry Wheat Bread that looks down home and delicious, flecked with oats on top and studded with ruby red cranberries. And . . . cookies, cookies, cookies. You've been warned.

Trisha of the Zest makes a gorgeous panini out of pizza dough. And she's kind enough to provide some delicious-sounding suggestions for alternate toppings that should keep us busy in the kitchen for a while.

Judy of No Fear Entertaining made a yummy-looking Ciabatta for the BBA group challenge. She shows it with an herbed dipping sauce that makes it look indispensable for your next Italian-themed meal. Mmm!

If you're in the mood for a unique quick bread, check out the loaf Sophie of Sophies Foodiefiles created. Her Energetic and Healthy Breakfast Bread is loaded with oats, almonds, figs, and raisins, and is laced with lavender honey. Does that sound incredible or what?

Kim of Stirring the Pot brings us Pretzel Rolls! The second I saw these, I thought, "What would I do with a pretzel roll?" And immediately, my internal recipe finder started flipping through all those sandwich topping and dipping sauce recipes I've set aside for "the perfect roll." Can't wait to experiment!

Di of Di's Kitchen Notebook made Cinnamon Chip Oatmeal Scones! Since I love every single word in that recipe title, alone or in combination, I was excited by this one. They look delectable, and adapted, as they are, from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours, they're bound to be as good as they look. {I'm sure the smell alone was therapeutic ~ and I hope J. has made a full recovery!}

Beth of Kitchen Courage baked up some oven love for Father's Day in the form of ABin5 Light Whole Wheat Bread. Go for the bread, folks; stay for Beth's fam-tastic pics and post. :)

Sarah of Que Sarah Sarah rustled up some Italian Slipper Bread, aka ciabatta, for some pretty darn good-looking sandwiches. She makes it look so easy! Go, see, you'll want some for lunch today.

As for me . . .
This post, delayed by a commando baking operation (20 loaves, 20 rolls, 3 batches of granola . . . in two days) and a brief, delicious vacation, is evidence that hardcore bakers bake on through the heat of summer. When my own kitchen reaches temps above 100 degrees in spite of the central air-conditioning's best efforts and I have to relocate the chocolate chips to cooler climes belowstairs, I remind myself that I. CAN. STAND. THE. HEAT. Bread awaits! Bake on, bakers!
All best,
Sandy :)


Betherann said...

Thanks, Sandy! I love reading your blog, and appreciate your kind (and funny!) words about my post. :)

Di said...

Wow, all sorts of yummy stuff to check out. I thought it got hot here (central TX), but at least my AC is still mostly keeping up with our several weeks of 100+ temps. (and J is doing much better, thanks--he can mostly eat regular food again)

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