Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orange-Almond Lace Cookies ~ Day 4 of the 12 Cookies of Christmas

I'm a fan of lace cookies, so I was excited to make these Orange-Almond Lace Cookies from the Bon Appetit cookie slide show, even though I'd taken on the Pecan Lace Sandwich Cookies just a couple of days earlier. For one thing, these were made with almonds, and they were spiked with orange ~ a combination of flavors that I always find difficult to resist.

To shake things up a little, I turned most of this batter into tuiles. The only thing that made them different from the flat lace cookies was that while they were still hot on the sheet pan, I removed them with a thin metal spatula and molded them over my rolling pin to set until cool. When cool, they retained this classic tuile shape.

The taste of these is really good ~ rich, buttery, with orange and almond in balance. The texture was a little vexing; the edges kept wanting to break off and the centers were thick on a few of them.

Overall, I doubt I'd make them again. Though the taste was excellent, I've got other tuile recipes I prefer, and I liked the texture of the Pecan Lace cookies better ~ finer and somehow less fragile. I will probably crush the remainder of these into crumbs for ice cream topping, a prospect I find really appealing at the moment.

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Di said...

I like the tuile shapes--I did that this morning with a few of my pecan lace cookies. Good idea to use them for ice cream topping--I wouldn't have thought of that.

Michelle said...

Darn...I can't get your pictures to load!

But I love tuiles, such a delicate cookie in such a graceful shape!

glamah16 said...

Great idea to form Tuilles!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Great idea to make Tuilles from them! I really liked the lace cookies from this bunch!

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