Monday, January 25, 2010

ABin5 ~ Naan

I've got a confession to make. I've been baking my own breads (etc.) now for over a year, and though I try ~ Lord knows I try ~ to keep the family in sandwich rolls and English muffins, there are times when I drop the ball. Just flat-out leave my poor little darlings without a single kaiser roll or slice of honey wheat to make a sandwich on.

And the double-edged bread knife of BYOB is that getting a family used to home-baked bread spoils them for anything else. I could buy a loaf of sandwich bread but more than likely it will languish on the countertop as my kids eat peanut butter from spoons and sliced turkey breast straight from the deli package.

Which would be okay, if it weren't accompanied by a chorus of complaints: "Mom, why is there no bread?" "Mom, you bake all day and we have no bread." "Mom, can you please, please, please stop making pastries and bake a loaf of bread, for crying out loud?" (Yeah, I'm serious.)

So, there are those days when we find ourselves scrambling to make school lunches with nary a piece of bread, not even a cracker, to be found. And on these days, I pull out my ever-present tub of ABin5dough and make some naan so my kids can go to school with still-warm hunks of buttery, garlic-and-herb-scented flatbread to satisfy their lunchtime longings. {That's correct: this makes up quickly enough to throw lunch together and still make the bus.}

This naan is so easy and so absolutely delicious, I'm starting to wonder if one day I'll find a stash of loaf bread buried somewhere in the backyard.

You can find the recipe for this wonderful bread here. {Bench note: I use clarified butter to make my naan.}


TeaLady said...

OH!!! That WOULD make a great sandwich. I need to make some room in fridge for some ABin5 dough.

Your naan does look delicious.

Peter M said...

The naan turned out fabulous! Another testament to ABin5!

The Duo Dishes said...

Naan is addictive. That must be a well-known fact for all bread lovers.

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