Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BYOB Roundup ~ July 2010

 This month's BYOB roundup is once again being hosted by the terrific Cathy Warner on her site, The Bread Experience.

In spite of the prolific heat we've been having, our intrepid bakers have been churning out oven love without regard to the climbing temps. Proving that, We are bakers, we can stand the heat!

Be sure to grab something iced and refreshing and go check out all the wonderful offerings in this month's roundup. Thanks, Cathy!

Happy summer!


Carolyn Jung said...

A little heat wave never stops me from baking, either. That's why A/C was invented. ;)

Sandy Smith said...

Carolyn ~ I hear you!! When our central air system was down (during this past heat wave) it was 90 degrees in my kitchen and I've never seen bread dough rise so fast! We have a new system now . . . and I find myself deliberately doing the bread baking early in the morning with the windows open while it's warm and humid and before we turn on the A/C! :)

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