Thursday, September 16, 2010

BYOB roundup ~ September 2010

Andrea of  Family and Food gets us off to a great start this month with an entire buffet of baked lovelies! Flex your mouse hand, folks, you're going to want to get warmed up for these links: Elegant Dinner Rolls, Instant Sandwich Bread, Pita Bread, Pain de Seigle, Seven Grain and Seed Bread, Prosciutto Bread, Pain de Campagne, Five Grain Bread, Ice Cream Petit Fours, Portuguese Sweet Bread, Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate Raspberry Almond Tart, Thumbprint Rolls with Lemon Curd, Tuna and Onion Filled Breadring.

Courtney of Coco Cooks crafts tempting Chorizo Rolls. Not only do these look like they'd be heavenly next to a bowl of hot soup, but Courtney goes the extra mile by grinding her own sausage meat for the filling. Don't miss this one!

Kira of Blogs from a Homesick Aussie made Sourdough Muffins! And she spins these unique treats in a variety of ways ~ all of them yummy-looking.

Di of Di's Kitchen Notebook brings us a treat just in time for back-to-school: homemade Granola Bars, perfect for customizing! And . . . and absolutely picture-perfect Cranberry Plum Upside-Down Cake. Why not make both today? Send the kids off to the halls of education with their granola bars, and then cozy up to the cake!

Margaret of Tea and Scones has provided us with an entire bread basket of oven love! Pull up a hot cup of whatever makes you warm and cozy and check out these wonders: Semolina Sesame Braid, Instant Sandwich Bread, Simple Whole Wheat, Elegant Rolls, and the ever popular Pizza Dough.

Another prodigious baker, Heather of Girlichef, gives us much to drool over this month. Do check out her fantastic baked goods ~ but do yourself a favor and don't go on an empty stomach: Lammas Loaf, Chocolate Chile Brownies and Zucchini Brownies, Cherry Almond Bars, Savory Scallion and Cheese Scones, Yeasted Beer Bread, Sage and Cheddar Beer Bread.

And our summer hostess, Cathy of The Bread Experience, rounds things off with a wonderful, inspiring selection of specialties: Four-Leaf Clover Broccoli and Cheddar Buns, Peach Cobbler with Bread Crumbs, Five Grain Bread, Rosemary Flax Baguettes,Baguettes: Poolish and Pâte Fermentée, Msemmen ~ Algerian Flatbread.


coco cooks said...

Awesome lineup as usual! Now with the weather turning I expect more baking.

Di said...

As always, it sounds like everyone baked lots of yummy stuff! And thanks for the mention of my cake, Sandy. =) Here's hoping I can get some blog posts about bread done this month...

girlichef said...

Hi Sandy! Welcome back, I hope your summer was great...and that a little "time off" {ahem}if there really is such a thing was pleasant. This looks like a delicious roundup, and yes, must go eat breakfast before I start visiting ;)

TeaLady said...

Such a great collection of breads. Cannot wait to check all of them out

Thanks for all the work.

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