Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cookies We Love: Tozzetti

For cookie numero uno in the Cookies We Love challenge, I chose tozzetti. These cookies, Roman-style biscotti, have a delicate anise aroma, and they're packed with nuts, featuring both almonds and hazelnuts.

I've made a lot of biscotti and biscotti-type cookies over the years, but this is the first recipe I've seen that uses the somewhat unconventional method of pouring the batter into the pan, rather than forming a stiffer dough into loaves. Although the resulting cookies are free-form and not tapered on the ends as biscotti and mandelbrot typically are, it's a decent trade-off for skipping the sometimes-tricky step of shaping a uniform loaf of sticky biscotti dough.

Like all biscotti, tozzetti are twice-baked. If you're short on time, you can do some advanced prep. Make and bake the cookie dough, then let it cool completely in the pan on a rack. Slice and bake the individual cookies later, or even the next day. Alternatively, you can cut the cooled baked cookie dough in half, wrap it well in plastic wrap and a layer of foil, and freeze it for up to two weeks, then slice it and bake as directed.

One final note . . . the recipe contains no fat other than what is present in the eggs. This means that these are traditional hard biscotti. Ideally, they should be dunked before consuming them, unless you like a good gnaw and have durable choppers. They're excellent with espresso, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milk, or even red wine.
Click here for the recipe, and don't forget to visit the other blogging bakers to see which cookies they chose this week!
Some things you might need:
10 x 15-inch jelly roll pan
anise seed


    kelly said...

    I haven't made biscotti in quite a while, so these caught my eye. The pour method is attractive to avoid the sticky hands! Very nice -- I'll have to think of something special to dunk them in.

    coco cooks said...

    Gorgeous Tiffany. These are on my list and you did a fantastic job!

    coco cooks said...

    Opps I meant Sandy! Forgive me;-)

    Andrea Meyers said...

    Beautiful! Biscotti is my all-time favorite cookie, and I've had my eye on these but I'm not a fan of anise. How strong is the flavor?

    Sandy Smith said...

    Andrea ~ don't be turned off by the anise. It's subtle and it really works. You can cut it down, but I wouldn't ~ it's not nearly as assertive as you'd think, with the amount called for, plus the Sambuca. (I used Anisette di Calabria.)

    RJ Flamingo said...

    I made these, too, but yours are so much prettier! And of course, I changed the flavorings as I'm not a fan of anise. Nice work, Sandy!

    Judy@nofearentertaining said...

    Oh Sandy these are so pretty! I really have to get it together and make these!

    Di said...

    I'm thinking about making these, but haven't decided--I don't like anise, so I'd have to change that part. =) Thanks for the time-saving tips.

    Claire said...

    I'll have to pick up a bottle of sambuca for these! I love the top photo - such nice styling.

    So happy to be baking with you again!

    Rosy said...

    Love the beautiful pics! I can't wait to try this recipe.

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