Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Emo Zombie Cake ~ Part 2

Part 2: My Emo Zombie Cake
In which a movie and a cake get made, and everyone celebrates. 

"Not Even Death"
Recently, my 15-year-old daughter and a friend made a music video. It is awesomely awesome. It's wicked good. Consider this: they managed to direct their friends in a video that shot over a period of several weeks, without in-fighting, creative disputes, or other notable drama. And they did it on a budget that wouldn't have bought a decent shoestring.

The video features zombies and realistic-looking blood made from a secret recipe that includes chocolate syrup and red food color. On warm days when the sun is shining, my front door still smells delicious. (You'll have to watch the video to understand why.)

The girls released their video on Halloween. We had a party; I made a cake. My design, as you can see below, is a tableau of a zombified Romeo and Juliet reaching for each other from their graves. "Till death do us part?" Not them. So emo.

Since this was my first cake involving figures and fancy stuff, and I was going mainly went on instinct and je ne sais quoi, I don't have a terrific step-by-step to show you. Next time, I'll aim for that. (Confession #2: I kept this cake a secret from the kids and baked cookies just in case it didn't turn out.)
 For the "dirt" the arms are pushing up out of the graves, I used crushed cocoa-hazelnut dragees that I had made for something else.
I used marzipan for the figures. I modeled the arms and the sleeves separately. To color the "fabric," I kneaded gel food color into the marzipan.
The gravestones and title plaque are white chocolate tinted gray with black gel food color. The writing is piped bittersweet chocolate.

So far, this cake-decorating thing gets a thumbs-up from me. With no real pressure, the process was all about having fun with a playful design. I'm happy to report that the cake was a hit. It tasted good and looked reasonably like what I'd pictured in my mind's eye ~ main criteria I measured my success by. And everyone got what it was supposed to be.

I'm looking forward to getting my cake on again.

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