Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Indian Pudding with Cinnamon Cream

It's National Indian Pudding Day. Really, that's a thing. If you're from New England, maybe you're already celebrating. If you're from the rest of the country, you're probably wondering what? and why?

Look, don't overthink it; it's dessert. Head over here for the recipe and dig in. It's fun, festive (who doesn't like a national day dedicated to a dessert), and you just might find a new dessert to serve for Thanksgiving this year.
Bonus: From my lips to your ears . . . Indian pudding is a swell dessert, but it makes an even better breakfast. So I'm thinking you can whip up a batch of this on Thanksgiving eve and you have a ready-made breakfast to serve the fam while everyone's sitting around the TV, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Score.

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Sherri Jo said...

yum! I have never had Indian pudding believe it or not! Might have to try making some myself :)

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